Wholesale Program

Welcome to the Brows by Bossy wholesale program! As a partner, you'll gain access to retail our premium temporary eyebrow tattoos, in your business with unmatched discounts on wholesale orders, a seamless ordering process, reliable and free shipping, and straight-forward payment tiers. Our dedicated support team is here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and successful wholesale experience. Join us in enhancing your clients' beauty experiences with confidence and ease.

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Fast & Free Shipping

Lowest Price 

24/7 Support

Starter Pricing & Selection

Choose from three affordable entry packages tailored to your specific business needs. Unlock exclusive bulk discounts as a wholesale partner, delivering a unique beauty solution to your customers while maximizing your profits. Our curated selections include our three best-selling styles and in our five most popular colors (15 options total), catering to your customer's diverse preferences. This allows our wholesale partners to excuslively focus on top-performing styles and colors while ensuring your customer has their precise style and color in stock.

Tier One: $450.00

75 sheets - $6/unit

*minimum resale price: $12.99

5 sheets each:

Styles: Arched, Curved, & Natural

Colors: Blonde, Ash Brown, Medium Brown, Brown, & Black.

Tier Two: $825

150 sheets - $5.50/unit

*minimum resale price: $12.99

10 sheets each:

Styles: Arched, Curved, & Natural

Colors: Blonde, Ash Brown, Medium Brown, Brown, & Black.

Tier Three: $1500

300 sheets - $5/unit

*minimum resale price: $12.99

20 sheets each:

Styles: Arched, Curved, & Natural

Colors: Blonde, Ash Brown, Medium Brown, Brown, & Black.

*As your trusted wholesale partner, it's essential to clarify the concept of the minimum resale price (MAP). This represents the lowest price at which you can advertise or sell our products to your customers. We establish this price point to uphold consistency and safeguard the value of our brand and products in the market. Adhering to this guideline fosters fairness among retailers and preserves the premium image of our offerings. It's a collaborative effort to support your business while ensuring the integrity of our brand remains intact.

Included Accessories & Marketing

Our entry-level packages are carefully crafted to boost your business's success. Paired with premium products, you'll receive essential accessories to enhance your customers' experience. Your package includes a striking counter display for our temporary brow tattoos, an eye-catching poster for promotion, and a versatile window cling for easy advertisement. These accessories seamlessly complement our products, providing all you need to effectively showcase our brow tattoos.

Reordering Options & Pricing

Our flexible reordering options empower wholesale partners to customize future orders based on business needs. You'll have the freedom to select quantities of each style and color that suit your clientele, starting with a minimum reorder of 25 sheets, with 5 sheets required per style/color combination. Increasing reorder quantities unlocks larger discounts, maximizing savings and profitability. Tailor your inventory to meet specific demand patterns, ensuring you always have the right products on hand to serve customers effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions


Stand out in the competitive beauty industry by offering an innovative and inclusive solution. Utilize our Temporary Eyebrow Tattoos as a marketing advantage, showcasing your commitment to staying ahead of trends and meeting the diverse needs of your clientele.


Our wholesale Temporary Eyebrow Tattoos offer an excellent return on investment. With a cost-effective alternative to traditional procedures, you'll witness increased profit margins without compromising on quality or client satisfaction.

Client Acquisition
& Retention

Our tattoos are designed to withstand daily activities. Waterproof and long-lasting, they ensure your clients' enhanced eyebrows stay in place, providing reliable results that keep them coming back for more.

Wholesale Order Process

Partnership Application

Fill out our simple online wholesale application form with your business details and contact information. The application allows us to get to know your business better and helps us understand your business's unique needs and goals.

Review & Approval

Our team will review your application, verify your business, and contact you within 5 business days to discuss partnership opportunities. Once approved, you will immediately gain access to our wholesale pricing and dedicated ordering system.

Ordering & Shipping

Place your wholesale orders conveniently online through our secure portal. Enjoy fast, free, and reliable shipping for your orders, with tracking information provided. Our dedicated wholesale support team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum order requirements for wholesale purchases?

We offer 3 packages, designed to meet your unique business needs.

Starter Package: Includes 75 sheets of temporary eyebrow tattoos. Ideal for small boutiques or salons looking to introduce Brows by Bossy products to their clientele.

Regular Package: Includes 150 sheets of temporary eyebrow tattoos. Suitable for growing businesses or those with moderate demand for eyebrow solutions.
Professional Package: Includes 300 sheets of temporary eyebrow tattoos. Designed for established salons or boutiques catering to a larger client base or high demand for eyebrow products.

Can I customize my wholesale order with specific styles or quantities?

While we do not accept custom orders, we offer a curated selection of three distinct styles in five versatile colors for each tier of our wholesale packages. This ensures that you have access to a well-rounded assortment of our premium temporary eyebrow tattoos, carefully designed to cater to a variety of preferences and clientele. With this thoughtfully curated selection, you can confidently stock your shelves with our top-selling styles and colors, maximizing your sales potential and meeting the diverse needs of your customers

What is the lead time for processing and shipping wholesale orders?

The lead time for processing and shipping wholesale orders is as follows:Orders are processed Monday through Friday. Once an order is placed, it will be processed within 48 hours. After processing, the order will be shipped via Priority Mail, which typically takes about 2-4 business days for delivery.This ensures that your wholesale orders are efficiently processed and promptly shipped, allowing you to restock your inventory in a timely manner and meet the needs of your customers without delay.

Do wholesale orders come with any marketing or promotional materials?

Yes, wholesale orders from Brows by Bossy come with comprehensive marketing and promotional materials to enhance your retail display and attract customers.

Each wholesale package includes:

Counter Display: A specially designed display with 15 slots to showcase our premium temporary eyebrow tattoos, allowing for easy browsing and selection by your customers.

Poster: An eye-catching 18x24 inch poster featuring captivating visuals and essential product information, perfect for promoting our products within your salon or boutique.

Window Cling: A 12x12 inch window cling featuring our brand logo and key messaging, designed to attract attention and draw customers into your establishment.

Digital Marketing Images: Five professionally designed digital marketing images optimized for social media platforms and online promotions. These images can be used by our wholesale partners to enhance their digital marketing efforts and attract customers to their businesses.

These marketing and promotional materials are provided as part of our commitment to supporting our wholesale partners in effectively promoting and selling Brows by Bossy products.

Are there any restrictions on where I can sell Brows by Bossy products purchased through wholesale?

As part of our wholesale agreement, we require our valued partners to sell Brows by Bossy products exclusively at the physical location specified in the wholesale application. This restriction ensures that our premium products are showcased in a curated retail environment, enhancing the overall customer experience and maintaining brand integrity. By limiting sales to the designated physical location, we empower our wholesale partners to create a unique and personalized shopping experience for their clientele, fostering stronger customer relationships and driving sales. This exclusive arrangement also minimizes competition among wholesale partners, allowing each partner to maximize their sales potential and profitability within their respective markets.

Want More Information?

Ready to explore wholesale options? Our dedicated team of wholesale experts is here to assist you every step of the way.  

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