Stamp & Stencil Brow Set FAQ 

We've answered all the top questions and we're covering everything from the application process, to the perfect placement method, and everything in between!  

How do I use the Stamp & Stencil Brow Set?

Easy! Apply the stencil that is most natural to your current brow shape. Apply the color that is closest to your hair color or skin’s undertone. Apply the stencil with a wide two-finger hold. Apply the stamp applicator from the “start here” line at the tail of the stencil and continue to gently pat the stamp applicator up and down until your natural brow would or should begin. Use the spoolie to evenly distribute the product and brush your brow hairs to taste.

What if the color is too bold?

If the color is too bold and you need a lighter coverage, simply dab the stamp applicator onto a paper towel to remove some of the pigment from the sponge.

What if the color is too light?

If the color is too light, simply twist the sponge applicator back into the lid, and turn the applicator back-and-forth a few times to grab more product from the lid to the sponge.

How do I make the brows even?

This can take 2-3 tries, but once you’ve got some practice, it’s easy as can be. Simply take a brow pencil or an eyeliner and hold it parallel to your nose so that it reaches your brow line Line the beginning of the stencil cut out underneath the pencil. Turn the stencil upward or downward to match your natural brow’s angle and begin to fill the stencil in. Once you’re all done, clean the stencil and turn the stencil over. Line up the stencil in the same way, with a brow pencil parallel to your nose and place the stencil again in the same way.

How do I know which stencil to choose?

Choose the stencil that is closest to your natural brow shape. You can also use multiple stencils to create a completely custom shape and size. For example, start your brow using one of the stencil’s beginning, and use another stencil’s tail. The options are endless! You can also use a damp cotton swab and wipe away some of the finished shape to further customize your final result. If the stencil's finished shape is too wide in an area, remove that area to your liking with a wet cotton swab. A damp cotton swab will be the best tool to change any portion of the finished result to achieve your specific desired result.

Is the formula buildable?

Absolutely! For lighter coverage, use lighter pressure when applying the product. For fuller coverage, use more pressure when applying the product. Also, refer to the questions “What if the color is too bold”  and “What if the color is too light” above. Ombré  brows are easy to achieve by using both colors on each brow or just one color for both brows. When applying, use a lighter pressure at the beginning of the brow and more pressure when applying the tails of your application.

Do I need a Left and a Right stencil?

No way! Use the same stencil for your right and left brows. Just be sure to thoroughly clean the stencil with a dry paper towel after your first brow is applied. That way, when you flip the stencil over, you have a clean stencil to lay on your brow area & to use for creating your opposite brow.

How do I remove the product?

While the Stamp & Stencil Brow Set is built to last, the pigment can be removed with soap and water or any oil-based or foaming cleanser.

How long does the Stamp & Stencil Brow Set last?

The Stamp & Stencil Brow Set is designed with your busy days in mind. You can expect each daily wear to last 12-16 hours and each applicator to last 1-3 months depending on usage. Be sure to close the twist top tight enough that the product is sealed and remains fresh for your next use.

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