Temporary Eyebrow Tattoo FAQ 

We've answered all the top questions and we're covering everything from the application process, to the initial shine solution, to the perfect placement method, and everything in between!  

How do I remove my brow tattoos?

When your brows are ready for a change, Brows by Bossy temporary brows are safely and easily removable by massaging the brow area with any oil-based, skin-safe products such as an oil-based makeup remover or simple baby oil. If you find your brows are holding on for dear life and not wanting to budge even after the oil application, you can carefully use an alcohol wipe. If you have zero brows, you can also use a house-hold piece of tape (surprisingly).

How long will the tattoos last?

The life of our brows will vary based on your unique skin care routines and daily habits. On average our brows will last 1-3 days, sometimes more, completely dependent on the care you use with your brows and your activity levels. If you engage in sports or heavy workouts and find yourself cleansing your face often, this will decrease the length of wear time per set. Great news is that your sheet will come with 9-10 sets so keep your normal routine, your brows will be back in action in no time!.

What about the initial shine?

When your brows are freshly applied, there will be an initial shine that says “hey, I’m new to your skin!”. Not to worry, that shine will naturally fade in the first few hours of wear time. To immediately remove the shine, there are a few easy fixes listed below:

  • Gently wipe your newly applied tattoos with warm water.
  • Apply a makeup setting spray directly on top of the tattoos and use your finger to wipe away the excess..
  • Use a setting powder or a translucent powder right on top of the tattoos, just apply gently with your finger for precise application.

  • Are they waterproof?

    Brows by Bossy eyebrows are waterproof and designed to hold up to a fair amount of water contact so keeping up with your daily hygiene and skincare routines won't be an issue. We recommend you moisturize and hydrate as often as you usually would, while avoiding your brow area, and remember you've always got a back up pair when your brows are ready for a change.

    Can I put them over my natural brows?

    Brows by Bossy eyebrow tattoos are designed to be worn by those thinning eyebrows, patchy eyebrows, and for those who have no brows at all. Our brows can be worn right over your natural eyebrows! You may need to apply a small bit of Vaseline or petroleum jelly to tighten down any brow spaces that may be more full than others, however, most times we find this is not the case and when it is the case, this is a very workable solution. Some clients do remove what very little is left of their natural "straggler" hairs, but oftentimes our clients just wear them right on top of their eyebrows.

    When will I receive my order?

    We are just as excited...so your order will be received fast, like really fast! Typically, Domestic US orders are received 3-5 business days after processing.

    Should I just get microbladed instead?

    We say no way! Microblading is not only pretty darn painful and pretty darn expensive, it also tends to fade over time leaving you less than desirable results. Why spend upwards of $800 dollars, weeks of recovery, and painful "touch up" time when you can simply use our tattoos instead. When you break down the cost to about $1.00/pair of brows, you would have to wear $800 of our brows before you even came close to the dollars you would have spent on microblading. All with zero pain and zero hassle. Sounds like a no-brainer to us! And, even if you do plan to be microbladed in the future, use our tattoos to help you decide on a more permanent shape and use them while you wait for your appointment. And if you need help covering those old faded microbladed brows, we can help with the aftermath too!

    What is the application process?

    When you receive your brows they will be sealed in a protective plastic encasing. Remove your brows from the initial plastic cover. When you remove your brow sheet from the plastic cover, there will be an additional protective plastic layer over the tattoo side of your sheet and the other side will be the paper backing with the words “position images”.

    When you cut your brows from the sheet, leave the top protective plastic film layer on the tattoos so it keeps the rest of your brows fresh and ready for your next use.

    Now that you have cut your brows from the sheet, you can cut the tattoo even smaller if you find you need less brow or you wish to adjust the shape. Our brows are meant to be as customized as you like so feel free to cut them exactly how you like them, whether you maintain the shape they are or change the shape completely!

    Now it’s time to put your brows on! Make sure your brow area is prepped and entirely clean, dry, and free of any products. Remove the final layer of protective plastic to reveal a tacky textured temporary brow tattoo. The tacky side goes pressed on your skin. The paper backing side should be outward facing. Use the “position images” paper backing side of the tattoo to position and place your brows. There is a replica image of the brow you are placing on your skin so you can be confident you are placing your brow exactly where you want it.

    Once you have positioned your brow, it’s time to apply. Use a wet applicator (cotton ball, cloth, wipe) wet with warm water. Apply the water gently to the paper backing. Be sure the paper backing is completely saturated and use gentle pressure to press the brows down on your skin. Wait about 10 seconds and remove the paper backing.

    What is a Variety Sheet?

    Our Variety Sheets are the perfect way to try all of our styles to decide what your best personal match will look like. Our Variety Sheets come with 11 pairs of brows. 2 pairs of each style are included on each sheet which include Curved, Arched, Natural, Upward and 1 pair of the style Straight. Variety Sheets are included with the one-time exchange program.

    How do I place the tattoos evenly?

    Perfect placement is easy even if it may take you one or two times worth of practice, just link lining your lips or creating a nice winged eyeliner. Not to worry! These tips should help make you a brow placement expert! Remember, there is a replica brow tattoo printed on the outside of the tattoo so you can actually see where you are placing the tattoo, even though the real brow tattoo is facing your skin.

  • Step 1- Try cutting the tattoos as close to the tattoo as you can, leave as little paper around the brows as you can. This helps lining up your brows exactly where you need them and seeing as much of the application as you can.
  • Step 2- Try making very small, horizontal lines when your microblading starts, stops, and right on the arches. Bring the lines upward so you can see them when you place the tattoos over your microblading. This will allow you to have more confidence in your placement because when you press the tattoos against your microblading, you’ll at least be able to see that the beginnings, ends, and arches are all lined up.
  • Step 3- You can try leaving the brows together as a pair versus cutting them separately. Still, try cutting the tattoos as close to the tattoo as you can, discarding any extra unnecessary paper, but do not cut the middle to separate the tattoos brows, rather leave them as a pair and place them on together.

    I’ve never used a temporary brow tattoo before. Why does it feel like a film?

    If this is your first experience with temporary tattoo eyebrows, we are here to help! If you are an experienced temporary brow connoisseur, you are familiar with the feeling of the tattoos. As they are a temporary brow tattoo, they do need to sit on your skin. The bond will wear over time, this is the reality of wearing temporary brow tattoos. If we could get our hands on the magic that would make them turn into real eyebrows, we would! We promise!! Our design team has worked incredibly hard to bring you the most natural feeling brows on the market, however there will be something on your brow area.

    The color looks slightly different than I hoped, can I adjust it?

    Color matters A LOT when we are talking about having the most natural temporary brows possible. When we design our brows, we design them with different skin tones in mind. Your brows will look different on your skin than they will in their packaging as they are not designed to be worn on the packaging. Once the brows transfer to your skin, your skin tone will really dictate the final and true color of your brows. Be sure to give them a look in the sunlight as the lighting in our houses will drastically affect the color you see, just like any foundation, the true color of any beauty product is shown in natural lighting. You can easily lighten any color that is too dark by adding a bit of translucent powder or lighter eyeshadow on top of the tattoos. For a tattoo that may be too light for your taste, you can always darken the tattoo up with a bit of darker eyeshadow or shading with a darker brow pencil on top. Please note that color variations are normal when looking at a product from a screen versus true-to-life color known as the "screen-to-life effect". We also have a wonderful exchange option detailed a little further down!

    My brows are too small/too big, can I adjust them?

    YES! With any beauty product, there may be adjustments that you’ll want to make along your brow journey! Sometimes we cut them from the sheet to the size we thought looked perfect, but then we realize that the brows are just too big in reality. Cut your next pair smaller from the sheet. Our brows are designed to be cut as small as you need, there is no rule that says you can cut in the lines...do it! You can cut your brows as thin or thick as you’d like, as short or long as you need. If you find you need more brow, use your favorite brow products to add length and depth to your brand new brows.

    What if I need an exchange?

    We’ve got your back! We know choosing a style online can be tricky because you just can’t hold it in your hand. While our product images are the exact pictures of our exact products, we do offer a one time exchange program. Please fill out the Tattoo Exchange Request Form. Even if your brows are used, we will exchange them for you. That’s right! Once you contact us we will provide you with the steps needed to complete the exchange. There will be a $3.00 handling fee and a $3.99 reshipping fee, however, there will be no additional charge for any of the items exchanged.

    What are the ingredients? Are they vegan?

    Our tattoos are not considered 100% "vegan" due to the dyes that we use which are first processed in a facility and on shared equipment which is also used to process other cosmetic products that do include animal byproducts. Our ingredients are listed below, and as always, a spot test on your hand or your arm is recommended before your very first application. Ingredients list: Acrylates Copolymer, Propylene Glycol, Petrolatum, Linium Usitatissimum (Linseed) Seed Oil, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil, Mineral Oil (Paraffinum Liquidum), Iron Oxides ( CI 77499), Blue 1 (CI 42090), Yellow 5 (CI 19140), Yellow 6 (CI 15985), Red 7 (CI 15850), Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891)

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